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Welcome to Generation 8 DOU!
This thread is meant for the discussion of this brave new world we are entering - Generation 8 Doubles OU. We are very excited to see what comes of another round of Pokemon games and all of the new additions that comes with it. Right off the bat, I just want to clarify a few things.
  • The official Doubles OU format will only include Pokemon that are legally obtainable in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If your favorite Pokemon didn't make it past dexit, I'm right there with you. However, it is Smogon policy to have our official formats be playable on cart without any sort of hacking, so until something changes we will be using the Galar regional Pokedex.​
  • Our banlist will be minimal at first. This does not mean that we will not re-ban some of the problematic Pokemon of generations past (looking at you, Jirachi), but since we're starting with a fresh generation, we are only banning the classic box legends (Mewtwo, Zacian, Zamazenta, etc) right off the bat. It is very likely that either a series of council votes or some suspect tests will occur shortly after the release of generation 8, so stay to tuned to this thread for updates.​
  • Bear with us while we get our sea legs. This is a brand new generation, and an unprecedented one at that. We have never lost this many previously available Pokemon at once, so we're still working through the details. We ask that you all be willing to work with us to make this as smooth a process as it can be so we can all enjoy SS DOU!​

This thread is also a thread for general metagame discussion and not just for suspects. I'm taking the opportunity to say that, yes! you can actually post replays, some analyses on strategies, replays... or anything as long as it talks about the metagame! This thread and all subsequent variants of it are the metagame threads of the subforum. While it may be easy to mistake this thread to be purely for suspects, this isn't really the case; np threads are supposed to talk about the general stage of the metagame (hence stage # on the titles) and the suspect posts, while being posts that talk about the present meta, are not the only ones you can post here. Honestly, as long as it's about the metagame, you can post anything.

I'll also make this clear too while I'm at it: we can have threads for specific topics too! If one ever feels that they have something good to talk about that wouldn't really fit in the metagame thread or would be better to be a specific topic on their own, feel free to run it for approval to the mods of this subforum (MajorBowman, talkingtree, Arcticblast, and Level 51).


From Now On, We'll...
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Alcremie's gonna be absolutely huge this generation I think. Two pretty good abilities, a fantastic type, workable stats, and a signature move that's both a swords dance and a nasty plot on anything it wants all add up to a powerful support mon which fills a unique niche. Its low speed can potentially even be covered up by, given the fact it can be immune to taunt, a scarf set for a gimmicky but potentially powerful presence.

did they really really really have to give Inceneroar parting shot tho wtf. Given an absence of Landorus-T as well, this thing is just going to be utterly unreal and everywhere once it comes out.
Since transferring is not allowed yet, will the meta start only with the available Pokemon, so we can actually replicate the meta in cartridge format, or will HA starters and Pokemon that aren't available yet (like Blastoise and Incineroar) be part of the meta from now on?

I want to be more present in the DOU community this time.
So, what do you think? Is dynamax so broken in Doubles and VGC as is in Singles? I would say no, because you have two mons who can target the dynamaxed one at the same time, probably both for super-effective damage. And yes, you can use any status move (if you have one) which would act as Protect, but this is wasting one of your three dynamax turns. So you need to have partner who can support your dedicated Dynamaxer with either redirection or statusing one of opponents mons.

That being said, is Gyara still the best Dynamaxer and is so OP there as is in Singles? And which ability do you think would be better? Moxie, which would give him boosts after each kill, or Intimidate, which is super usefull in doubles (I am looking at you, IntimiRoar!)? I would say that Intimidate is better, as it softens the opposing mons, giving Gyara more chance to set up DD and sweep.


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I’ve heard some buzz about it, but a mon that looks to potentially be really cool this gen is Hatterene. The fact that it has magic bounce + trick room can potentially make it super consistent at setting it up. Plus, it has good typing synergy with Scrafty, one of the better mons who survived dexit, to help it not be double targeted when trying to set trick room with Scrafty’s fake out + intimidate. Even though a lot of the old trick room mons are now gone (Porygon2, mega Camerupt, stakataka, Cresselia, etc) Hatterene could breath some life into full room or even semi-room as a less matchup-based play style. Bronzong also pairs well with hatterene and Scrafty, one of the good trick room mons left, so I can see that core being the basis for a lot of teams at least early on in the meta.

Yung Dramps

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So I've been playing this meta for a hot minute and since nobody has made a detailed thoughts post yet I figured I'd have a shot despite relative inexperience


These guys are about as great and common as you would expect. Arcanine was godlike back in VGC 2017 and he's good here, he has Intimidate, Will-O, and he can hit pretty hard too with moves like Close Combat, Flare Blitz and Extreme Speed. Hitmontop and Scrafty do roughly the same thing by abusing Fake Out with Intimidate and spamming STAB moves and utility most other times.


Corviknight looks promising for sure. Mirror Armor is epic utility against the various Intimidators, and Flying STAB really hurts Hitmontop and Scrafty. And if you can't beat something, you just U-turn out of it lol.


Trick Room's friccin scary dude. Again, despite relative inexperience I can safely say Araquanid is deadly with Dynamax underneath the Room: If you don't got Water resists, you're gonna have to be sacking a lot of mons lol. Hatterene, meanwhile, is the definitive setter. Trick Room Magic Bounce is just... wew


Fun mon that too many people use the wrong set for. Physical sets are trash, go with Special or Mixed, those are the good shit with the nice Shadow Ball and Draco spam, as well as nice-ass Fire coverage.


And finally a mon I haven't seen used but I've personally been enjoying using a lot. Shed Skin is dank for warding off Will-O spam from stuff like Arcanine, and Glare can cripple sweepers and potential switch-ins for teammates. Sand Spit could even be interesting for winning weather wars in a pinch. Give him a shot, he's a cool dude.

I may post more later as I familiarize myself with this meta more and try more teams, but before I go I'd just like to say compared to Singles OU, Dynamax is WAY more manageable and fun in this format.
Are the new starter HA's available yet? If so I think, at least in the early stages of the meta before home and Incineroar come, Rillaboom might be a good choice for some teams. It's the new grassy terrain setter with decent bulk and Drum Beating provides powerful single target speed control. And that's before we consider it has great support options in fake out, u-turn, and knock off as well as coverage in high horsepower and assorted fiighting type moves. Though admittedly pure grass and physically oriented sounds like an issue with Arcanine running around.
Are the new starter HA's available yet?
Nope. And if it was, it was a bug.

Anyways, I've been testing a rather unorthodox set involving Teatime, the Liechi Berry, and Unburden Hawlucha. Polteageist would use Teatime and Hawlucha would use Detect or some other move to pass turn 1. The teatime would activate the Liechi Berry, boosting the Attack of Hawlucha while also consuming it and activating Unburden. The Hawlucha could then sweep through Dynamax or other means. The Polteageist could act as support for Hawlucha with Ally Switch, Aromatherapy, Screens, and Will-o-Wisp.
Unfortunately, Teatime is bugged and doesn't consume the berry that the Pokemon is holding so Unburden doesn't activate. So I have yet to test it to its fullest potential.
Honestly it may not even be viable strat, but it could be interesting to try.
I've been toying with Dynamax Ludicolo. Setting up your own water with Max Geyser, then Max Overgrow to set up Grassy Terrain. Even once the Dynamax ends, you still have some good bonuses to your attacks and a Swift Swim boost to Speed. I guess you could run Rain Dish over Swift Swim if you're really into longevity. I also set up a Screen set on Dragapult with Phantom Force and Breaking Swipe for utility slash outlasting enemy Dynamaxes.

Sturdy Haze users are going to make your life a lot easier, too. Found that out.
I've been testing with Bulk Up Grimmsnarl and the results are kinda good. Prankster Bulk Up sometimes means the difference between a OHKO and 2HKO, and paired with Heal Pulse Hatterene, it can work wonders.
First Impressions:

Early meta rain is definitely something to prepare for, Barraskewda is a deadly new tool for rain teams + with dynamax aren’t dependant on Pelipper alone. Their presence is going to give Gastrodon a niche.

Sand seems ok? Excadrill itself is super nice but the meer presence of Scrafty alone seems like it would give Excadrill/Ttar a hard time to take off. Competative/Defiant + other anti-intim existing might offset this? But yeah, I think Scrafty is going to be glue for many teams.

Hard/Soft TR is looking absolutely amazing with Mimikyu and Hatturney (Plus the Psychic/Normal one if it gets Psychic Terrain in game). Araquanid is gonna be terrifying+ some other physical threats. I’m not too keen on the special sweepers for TR though personally but hope to be surprised, Cursola was a pokemon I was very hyped for but it’s movepool looks bad.

Gothitelle looks terrifying, but this is more from a perspective of VGC. I assume Shadow tag is likely to get banned this generation, especially now Goth gets fake out it can pull off all sorts of stuff.

Dragapult is very good, but seems like it could trap people in teambuilding due to how poor it’s physical set is outside of Dynamax. Seems fragile enough that physical sets might be justified anyway, exchanging a few KOs for itself dynamaxed.

Galarian Darmanitan is also pretty terrifying – scarf + it’s attack boosting ability seems easy to slap onto a team.

Sylveon + Togekiss are the premier fairy types: Togekiss is amazing for redirection + tailwind and has overally great base stats relative to the other pokemon available and Sylveon looks to be deadly offencively. Have seen both Throat spray variants and it paired with gengar for special attack boosting dynamax moves, which is pretty scary.
It's probably too situational to be truly useful, but I've been having a lot of fun manipulating battles to use Entrainment Araquanid to put Water Bubble on Dracovish.

Once it has Water Bubble, Jolly Scarf Dracovish will tear up most things with Fishious Rend. It's been my designated G-Max user in most battles so that it can unlock from Choice Scarf move selection for a Max Protect and/or to set up its own Rain or use Max Wyrmwind to hit Dragon Types.

Araquanid also provides support and speed control with Wide Guard and Sticky Web, and can hit hard itself (especially if Dracovish sets up rain) with Liquidation.

I've been rounding out my team with Corviknight (Taunt + Tailwind support and U-turn to pivot in 'vish) and Guts + Flame Orb Obstagoon (it loves the Tailwind/Sticky Web support to launch Facades, and I've been running Parting Shot so it works as another pivot). Still need to settle on the last to 'mons, but I'm liking Salazzle in the mix, too.
I think as far as VGC (slightly different meta than Doubles OU because of 4 battlers instead of 6 but *mostly* the same meta), these 6 are at the top of my personal tier list:

1. Galar Weezing
Neutralizing Gas is an absolutely meta defining ability, especially in doubles. It stops your traps, your weather, your intimidate/disguise/ice head, your offense/defensive multipliers, probably a significant piece of the opponent's strategy. It can also be a part of your own strategy.
Not enough? It can run Misty Terrain instead, a dope ability in it's own right. Poison/Fairy is likely an elite typing. It has very appreciable bulk (very strong in SwSh). And while its offense is pretty mediocre, it has a solid movepool for either a phys or spec set and is pretty evenly mediocre with either. It gets unique move Strange Stream, which isn't gamebreaking level good at all but is perhaps the best Fairy option available.

2. Gengar
Losing Levitate hurts pretty big. Losing a strong Mega evolution hurts, especially for a meta mainstay Pokemon that was already being pushed towards the outskirts of viability. But Gengar is still a Pokemon with a great typing (offensively, at least) and a stat line custom built for special sweeping. Sure enough, if Gengar wasn't a good enough sweeper to begin with, Nasty Plot was added to its movepool. Perhaps far more significantly, Mega Gengar almost feels reincarnated by Gengar's Gigantamax. Its special G-Max move adds the Shadow Tag effect of old, but it isn't an ability, so it can't simply be neutralized. Gengar brings the hurt and is likely one of the most reliable options to do so. The surprisingly deep pool of support options available only add to the reasons to see Gengar around.

3. Mimikyu
Mimikyu's Disguise has become a pretty reliable, and frequent, tool for doubles play. It makes Mimikyu perhaps the most reliable support option, as even doubling into it cannot KO it before it gets the chance to set up, unless one of the attacks is multi-hit, or also statuses Mimikyu. It was an extremely popular running mate to Snorlax, and although the reasons are different now than it was when that was last true, that combination will likely return strong. Galar Weezing presents a pretty crucial check to that "safe support" niche, but fortunately that is not the only reason Mimikyu is useful. Mimikyu also brings a healthy offensive movepool and decent offensive stats in it's own right. It has a great typing, and operates well within Trick Room strats as reliable set-up, independent of Trick Room because of its own high speed, and perhaps most effectively, as a Trick Room counterplay (using it again to turn it off, or forcing play around the potential to do so). Trick Room seems to be one of the most powerful presences in SwSh, and nobody has stronger Trick Room play than Mimikyu. Also, being a GREAT switch candidate to reset positioning shouldn't be ignored.

4. Tyranitar
Weather seems to figure to be pretty strong, but Tyranitar's value extends beyond just that of a weather setter. Tyranitar has long been very much in the heart of competitive battling because of it's very high base stats and extremely strong offensive options. This is only magnified by the limited pool of strong Rock type options in this game and the amount of really strong pokemon who are very weak to Rock type moves. Its typing is not good defensively, but its raw bulk largely makes up for this, so long as you can work around Fighting types. The ability that summons Sandstorm also helps this bulk, raising the SpD of all rock types by 50%. The difference to me, is that most weather setters are used for their ability to do so. And weather is potentially strong enough to justify this in SwSh; it certainly wouldn't be the first time the meta was that way. Tyranitar is useful, and strong, for the other aspects of its kit. AND THEN it gets its weather.

5. Alcremie
Ok... ok. I've been on the fence with this one. It's a support Pokemon, and it's hardly a safer bet than any other support, which is probably the primary qualifier for top tier usage. It is specially bulky, but not physically so. It is slow, and has no form of speed control, itself. However, the draw with Alcremie is that its capabilities are unparalleled. Nobody can make a potential sweeper as dangerous as Alcremie can. Decorate is an absolutely insane move. Alcremie also gets pretty much every other way imaginable to lower opponents attacking stats or to raise its allies defenses, as well as cure or prevent status. It does not get Heal Pulse/Life Dew, but its G-Max move makes up for that in droves. What's more, Alcremie can actually do some appreciable damage itself, it's not locked into a strictly support role like some. The Fairy single typing is pretty good too, though that's not huge.

6. Arcanine
Ok, hopefully this shouldn't require too much explanation. Arcanine isn't dominant, but it checks all the boxes as a solid option. Intimidate remains a strong ability, even with a few more checks this gen. The movepool remains a bit shallow, yet still very strong, with just enough options to make a fairly strong bruiser or a bulky support, and everything in between. Both are extremely viable. The single fire typing is perhaps more valuable than ever; the removal of Hidden Power makes Fire and Ice types offensively more in demand. The limited strong Rock options makes them better defensively, too. Seeing as how Fire directly beats Ice, I think Fire is a main competitor for the type that benefits the most from this gen. Incineroar will likely take Arcanine's spot as the bulky Fire Intimidate staple largely due to movepool, but rest assured that the niche IS a staple and that Arcanine will be a very familiar face occupying it in the meantime.

That's my opinion, anyways.

Honorable Mention- Hatterne. Seems like a very reliable Trick Room; Magic Bounce, Life Dew, strong SpA and ok bulk (kinda similar to Alcremie) make a very solid, well rounded threat that should see strong play. Perhaps not the best at any one niche but elite at a few, which is more than enough to be useful.

Also, I have to get this out there about one new Poke i see nothing about and have been looking into:
Greedent- I didn't at first, but now I love this guy. Absolutely stunning bulk, borderline elite there. Surprising attack- mediocre but not outright weak, which is more than good enough for something so bulky, especially a "first wild encounter" pokemon. Dumb slow, but slow enough to be quite a boon in Trick Room.

Here's the thing: Sitrus Berry + Cheek Pouch recovers 58% HP, even more than the super/pinch berries used to. This is a superior option to even gluttony/pinch, *even in gen 7*. Now that the pinch berries were nerfed to only heal 33%, this is a WAY better alternative.
Greedent gets Belly Drum. Here is a pokemon who's base stats honestly compare similarly or favorably to every other Drum user available-- and a MUCH better form of HP recovery than all of them.
Greedent, you beautiful, glorious, fat squirrel you.

Ok, final note without a long winded explanation: Mudsdale looks really solid in this meta. I don't even wanna try to guess exactly *how* good, I don't think its quite top tier. But m'boy is a stallion (pun sorta intended). Probably the strongest Mudsdale has ever been, even when it was getting some relatively frequent VGC play in 17' (I think that was the season. X&Y meta).

Toxtricity @ Throat Spray
Ability: Punk Rock
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Overdrive
- Sludge Bomb
- Snarl
- Volt Switch​

Why wouldn't I use this? An electric spread move (bye bye Discharge), Sludge Bomb for Fairy-types, Snarl, and Volt Switch. Overdrive and Snarl gets boost from Throat Spray (1.5x) and Punk Rock (1.5). You can probably switch out Throat Spray for Choice Scarf or Assault Vest.

Edit: Toxtricity requires speed control, so Choice Scarf or Tailwind may be ideal.
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I think Intimidate is going to be much worse this generation. In addition to Corvinknight and Weezing negating it, Inner Focus, Own Tempo and Oblivious have all been buffed to negate Intimidate (source), although Showdown hasn't been updated on that yet. Mamoswine is looking very promising indeed, as most of the Pokemon it hated facing like Celesteela, Kartana, Tapu Fini etc. are all gone. Orbeetle's been another surprise hit, as it's a fast and bulky Screens setter that can bring in a teammate safely with U-turn. It also has Ally Switch if you're into that. Torkoal and Abomasnow can be nice anti meta choices, if only just to make sure Rain and Sand aren't up.
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I just found out that my favorite mon, Raichu, now learns surf via TR. You know what that means. Finally surfing Raichu with Lightingrod and egg moves! And let´s not forget, that after dynamaxing, Surf turns into 130 BP single target move, which also sets up rain, which a) boosts power of his Surf even further, b) gives Thunder 100 % accuracy, c) won´t hurt his team-mate.
This way he can function as support with classic Fake Out and Encore (btw, how does Encore interact with Dynamax? Does it lose it´s effect after the Encored mon dynamaxes? Can you Encore Dynamaxed mon? If so, what happens after the dynamax ends? Does the Encore effect also end?), plus giving his teammates electric immunity.
So Raichu finally doesn´t have to rely on Hidden Power (which got erased anyway) or Grass Knot to damage opposing ground types. I can´t certainly wait to try him.
Sad thing is, i get my copy of Pokémon Sword as Christmas present, so I will have to wait one more month.
sprites shamelessly ripped off from ou metagame discussion

I'm going to cover the new Pokemon that seems viable in Generation 8 Doubles so far.

My favorite Copperajah to use is Substitute with full Special Defense investment on a rain team as a check to Trick Room. Sadly, 50% pinch berries have been nerfed, so I opt for Leftovers instead with surprisingly effective results. The attacks I run for Copperajah is Iron Head and High Horsepower, I wasn't aware that it gets Play Rough until I fought GenOne, that could pair well with Sheer Force, which is the ability I run. Too bad that the yet unreleased Melmetal is going to be better than Copperajah in almost every way sans Heavy Metal + Heat Crash.

With Swift Swim, Barraskewda makes it one of the most powerful rain sweepers with its insane speed and Attack stat with Close Combat being able to destroy Ferrothorn, which was a good check to Rain team. Under Dynamax, Max Knuckle can boost its Attack or Max Ooze to raise its ally's Special Attack such as Ludicolo and Pelipper. It is frail, though, so it's prone to be revenge killed compared to other Swift Swimmers.

One of the biggest advantages Dragapult has is its high speed. The support set with Will-o-wisp seems to be the most efficient so far as it takes full advantage of its speed. Despite what others think, I feel that Dragon Dance is hard to pass off with Clear Body being able to block Intimidate despite its poor physical coverage without Dynamax. I have tried that with Transform Mew, it's fun! On the contrary, I'm not a fan of its special set since it fails to KO anything that's not x4 weak to it. Not necessary saying Special Dragapult is the worst thing you'll ever see, just my preference.

Being blessed with Magic Bounce that denies Taunt and Roar/Whirlwind, Hatterene makes good use of Trick Room. Despite what I assumed, it's not as dangerous as I thought to be with Steel-type being a good check to it, and I found how hard Full TR team to be hard to build so far despite Gothitelle and Snorlax being available. Still, it's hard to pass off Hatterene's near-guaranteed chance of setting up Trick Room, and I can see that Hatterene would get around with Steel-types as the metagame progresses.

Also, I have one Pokemon that I've found overrated.

It doesn't take long before you realize how much a double-edged sword Neutralizing Gas is, with how underwhelming its special bulk is and unable to hit hard. Furthermore, Misty Surge conflicts with Weezing's nature of spreading status and doesn't have anything that makes Tapu Fini good. The only niche that I could see it accomplishes is disabling Shadow Tag or taunting Hatterene, though you're better off using Steel-type against the latter. I just can't see Galarian Weezing being a staple in Doubles anytime soon, especially with Neutralizing Gas.


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Haven't seen anyone post about it yet but a mon I think is flying under the radar right now is Indeedee-F. It has a great support movepool with fake out, helping hand, follow me, and ally swap, and passable bulk. So I have been really enjoying support Indeedee-f. I definitely think this thing is really good and more people should try it as follow me support is really good for things like dd gyara, cb darm, and other threats to get free turns. and it alos has access to other great support moves and is all around just a great support pokemon
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Been looking at some G-Max moves, think some Gigantamax Pokemon might have a niche in this metagame.

For example, G-Max Lapras, which, at Level 100 w/ max HP and a Dynamax level of 10, has 928 HP...for three turns. Its defenses, however, are pretty bad...oh, wait, it's G-Max move sets up an Aurora Veil! Without Hail, too. I think this could serve as a good partner to Barraskewda, as it can also set up screens, rain and Psychic Terrain w/ Psychic.

Toxtricity @ Throat Spray
Ability: Punk Rock
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Overdrive
- Sludge Bomb
- Snarl
- Volt Switch​

Why wouldn't I use this? An electric spread move (bye bye Discharge), Sludge Bomb for Fairy-types, Snarl, and Volt Switch. Overdrive and Snarl gets boost from Throat Spray (1.5x) and Punk Rock (1.5). You can probably switch out Throat Spray for Choice Scarf or Assault Vest.
Speaking of Throat Spray, Kommo-o could make good use of this item.

Kommo-o @ Throat Spray
Ability: Soundproof
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Clanging Scales
- Flamethrower
- Clangorous Soul
- Protect

Due to Clangorous Soul being a sound-based move, Throat Spray will be consumed after using this move. This gives Kommo-o +2 Sp. Attack to work around with, it feels more consistent than Shell Smash Polteageist, but I ended losing most of my battles because my team structure was terrible, and I don't have broken Max Airstream, so I wonder if someone else could make better use of it. Flamethrower is chosen as its coverage to dispatch Steel-types like Ferrothorn and Copperajah, while I'm aware that Kommo-o gets Aura Sphere now, Fairy-type would have hard-walled it.
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Top 5 Birds of Gen8
Preliminary Rankings​

With the nerf of Talonflame in Gen6, the Bird sub-typing took a major drop in viability in Gen7. But despite the loss of Zapdos, Birds are back and better than ever in Gen8. The introduction of Corviknight is the most obvious but also some previously nonviable mons may turn out to find a niche or even be high up the tier list due to all the changes taken place.

#1 Corviknight
Croven (Corviknight) @ Lum Berry
Ability: Mirror Armor
EVs: 252 HP / 84 Atk / 172 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Tailwind
- Iron Head
- Roost
- Brave Bird
Corviknight is a physical steel/flying attacker who I expect will fill the fairy resist and check role on many teams. He has decent bulk and attack, but clearly its best attribute is access to the new ability Mirror Armor which bounce back stat lowering effects. This means it is immune to intimidate and lowers the attack of intimidators.

#2 Pelipper
Pelipper @ Focus Sash
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Hydro Pump
- Hurricane
- Tailwind
- U-turn
With Char-Y gone, Pelipper seems to be easily the top weather setter. There are plenty of great Swift Swimmers to take advantage of Rain including new ones Barraskewda and Drednaw

The sample set is the same set commonly used it gen7, you could also use Damp Rock and/or move some of the Speed EV into HP

#3 Braviary
Braviary (M) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Close Combat
- Tailwind
- Protect
Braviary is a powerful all out attacker. Its used similarly to Corviknight as a Max attacker with flying and fighting moves but with more power at the expensive of less bulk.

Sample set is curtosy of GenOne , he says "Max HP makes it impossible to kill when dynamaxed. And you can just pick up speed with Max Airstrike along the way"

Hawlucha @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Limber / Unburden
EVs: 252 HP / 216 Atk / 40 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Close Combat
- Thunder Punch
- Protect
Hawlucha is another Bird taking advantage of Fighting and Flying max moves. Its is not able to ignore intimidate but its access to Thunder Punch gives a niche role as a Gyarados check. Its naturally high Speed means you do not need to invest much EVs, and Limber is a nice ability for a mon that likes to go fast.

The Sample Set Speed EVs allow you to outrun max speed Gyarados. Max HP is to make the most of the 2x HP boost from maxing, dumped the remaining EVs into Attack.

Togekiss @ Wiki Berry
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 HP / 116 Def / 80 SpD / 60 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Follow Me
- Thunder Wave
- Air Slash
- Fire Blast
Togekiss got a nerf in gen8 as it no longer can learn Tailwind. How ever it is probably the best redirection support. It still has access to Thunder Wave so can provide speed control and prevent what is paralyzed from moving by Air Slashing it.

With Fire Blast it can 2HKO a Copperajah with 252Hp/4SpD.
It lives a Copperajah Iron Head and can live a -1 Life Orb boosted Copperajah Iron Head. Dump into SpD
Helping Hand and Life Dew are other options
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